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Brooke Nichole Lee

Spirited Actor | Producer

“I am Brooke Nichole Lee and storytelling is my craft.”

While ideally suited to roles of spirited protagonist characters with smouldering sex appeal, I love rom-com, sci-fi and strong dramatic storylines. And of course anything Disney – who doesn’t love Disney?

In the act of performing a person’s life experience, I’m in my rightful place. In portraying their story, I want to own what they saw, what they heard, what they felt.

Although currently best known for three consecutive seasons as support lead character ‘Carly’, in MAKO MERMAIDS (Netflix/ Disney), an international TV production by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions (JMSP),  I’m constantly seeking opportunities to practice and hone my craft.

Although I prefer to perform in front of a camera or on stage, in the effort to improve my performance ability I’m also focused on gaining knowledge in production, directing and all areas of content creation and distribution.

I hold a Business Degree from QUT (Advertising & Media) and have professional training in performance from NIDA, Griffith University and respected casting agents including Tom McSweeney, Kim Farrant, Thea McLeod and Ben Parkinson.

I’m strong, fit and healthy so I have especially enjoyed the stunt training for high falls, choreographed fight scenes, firearm training and controlled driving spin outs. I’m also musically trained in voice and piano, with an awarded ability to compose music. I

For more information about Brooke Nichole Lee – Please visit IMDB.

Trained in: Voice and US accent. Shooting (Pistol, Glock, Ruger), horse riding, boat and jet-skiing, dirt/ quad bikes, kick boxing.

Nationality: Dual Australian/ US Citizenship

Social following: 60,000+

Her comedic sensibility is a valuable asset as is her professionalism and preparedness. Brooke has a striking onscreen presence evidenced by her international fan profile.

Jonathan M Shiff

Mako Mermaids Creator and Producer, JMSP

As a director, I have worked with Brooke for a number of years on Alien Surf Girls (aka: Lightning Point) and Mako Mermaids. I would cast her in a minute. Her professionalism, creativity, boundless enthusiasm and wit make her an asset to any creative endeavour. Evan Clarry

Mako Mermaids Director

It was wonderful to watch Brooke bring the hilarious, spoilt and entitled character of Penelope Elizabeth to life. It’s not easy to portray a sassy, yet likeable villain, but Brooke did just that. Her acting ability, professionalism and screen appeal will keep this talented actress very busy! Anna Waters-Massey

Producer - Stage Mum’s