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Stage Mum’s Making Waves

Last month I was asked to be a part of Season 3 of Stage Mum’s, an online web-series. It was a lot of fun working with this talented group of people and joining with some of the old cast and crew from my old stomping ground, Mako Mermaids/ H20 Just Add Water.

I also had the chance to work closely with the legendary Actor Gerry Connolly, who played the Queen in the 1990s comedy series Fast Forward. His comedic timing and improvisation is amazing to watch and very educational.

Currently, the show is in Post-Production with the release in a couple of months. Watch this space for more information about Stage Mums.
Check out the ABC article written about us:

Behind the scenes for Stage Mum’s with Brooke Nichole Lee and Gerry Connolly

Project Eden Australian Premier!

Brooke Nichole Lee with writer and producer of Project Eden Terrence Young. 

Had a great time attending the Australian Premier of Mad Anthm’s ‘Project Eden’ in Brisbane. If you read my blog post a few weeks ago I mentioned that these guys were one to watch and I knew it from my first day on set with them for Magica!

It was incredible to see local talent source the contacts to film overseas with international talent for an original story. Looking forward to VOL2! Congratulations to Ashlee Jensen, Terrence Young and everyone else involved!

Brooke Nichole Lee with one of the Lead Actors Mike Dopud