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Screen Queensland Monthly Producers Meet-up

I really applaud Screen Queensland for taking the initiative of creating a monthly meet-up with local film producers so they can really keep their ear to the ground! I went with my production company Screen Culture Australia and was able to speak with some of the key representatives about a few upcoming productions we have! Pat on the back for Screen Queensland, what a great idea!

While I was there I was able to snap a photo with this familiar piece…

I Can I Will!

I often find a lot of the fans of Mako Mermaids are young children and they are very active on social media. I often get messages asking for help or advice regarding bullies or issues at school. Usually, the kids are too far away (overseas) for me to be able to physically help so I do the best I can to talk to them. But this is why the charity organization I Can I Will is so close to my heart.

So when I was asked to MC the event and help grant a wish for one of the children on the night, Claudia, I couldn’t resist! It was such an incredible, eye opening and heart-warming experience. There were many tears and lots of laughter. One huge thing I took away from the night was how easy it is to help out these children and get involved with the charity.

You can find out more about the organization through their website


Root Cause

Here is a quick behind the scenes photo from a documentary I did with a production company that I love in Brisbane – Play TV. Now, obviously, I can’t tell you too much about it because it is yet to be released… But once it is I will be sure to share info asap. But for now, here is a quick look.