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This past month I spent a few weeks traveling around America seeing family as well as having some meetings along the way. I started in Sacremento, visited San Francisco then onto LA and San Diego. I met with some incredible locals with the intent of deciding whether the City Of Angels was a place that one Brooke Nichole Lee could call home.

I stayed at the Jeremy in West Hollywood. It is a new hotel just opened up a month ago, I think it may have been called The James previously. Great hotel, very pricey. I did everything touristy that you could do on the first few days including universal, tour of stars homes, Hollywood walk of fame, Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd and much more. One night I found myself at the Comedy Store on Sunset, and it was a night not to be forgotten. Not only was the entertainment extraordinary with the likes of Andy Dick, Dane Cook, Jeremy Piven and more, but the friendly people open to meet an Aussie traveler. I learned a lot about the city and the people who call it home at The Comedy Store, and I began to realizeĀ that I could most definitely call this place home.

I visited friends in Malibu, where I figured out there is not a hell of a lot to do there. Sure, there are some insanely beautiful houses and the beach is nice (not as good as Aussie Beaches, although they do get the beautiful sunset on the beach which we do not get in Aus), but I found myself lost for things to do. Not somewhere I could live.

Santa Monica however, very touristy but a lot of fun to visit.

It wasn’tĀ until my last day, I met up with a friend I worked with on Mako Mermaids, Amy Ruffle, in a little coffee shop in Beverly Hills. As a fellow Aussie, she told me all about the magic of living in this city. How hard it is to live because of the price, travel because of the traffic and just generally get around because of how stretched out it is. But she said, despite all of that, the charm of the city is undeniable and intoxicating. She was hooked, and so was I. 3 hours after that coffee I was at the airport boarding my plane and as I looked out the window taking off, I felt like I was leaving home.

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