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I‘m super excited to announce that I will be attending MIPCOM 2017 as an actress and producer. That means I will be selling content as well as meeting upcoming producers before they start casting for their next big show! A little bit of an unconventional way to go about finding your next job, but this industry is so competitive I am determined to have the edge. As a producer, I will be taking a range

This past month I spent a few weeks traveling around America seeing family as well as having some meetings along the way. I started in Sacremento, visited San Francisco then onto LA and San Diego. I met with some incredible locals with the intent of deciding whether the City Of Angels was a place that one Brooke Nichole Lee could call home.
I stayed at

I really applaud Screen Queensland for taking the initiative of creating a monthly meet-up with local film producers so they can really keep their ear to the ground! I went with my production company Screen Culture Australia and was able to speak with some of the key representatives about a few upcoming productions we have! Pat on the back for Screen Queensland, what a great idea! While I was there I was able to snap

I often find a lot of the fans of Mako Mermaids are young children and they are very active on social media. I often get messages asking for help or advice regarding bullies or issues at school. Usually, the kids are too far away (overseas) for me to be able to physically help so I do the best I can to talk to them. But this is why the charity organization I Can I Will

Here is a quick behind the scenes photo from a documentary I did with a production company that I love in Brisbane – Play TV. Now, obviously, I can’t tell you too much about it because it is yet to be released… But once it is I will be sure to share info asap. But for now, here is a quick look.

As an actress, I know how important it is to stay present in the industry and not fall between the cracks. I find that I am addicted to being on set and often enjoy doing crew work as well as acting. I have always been a producer and have recently started crewing and found that I love it. Most recently acting and being an on-set PA on the post apocalyptic alien thriller – Occupation.  

What an educative, eye-opening and wild experience MIPTV 2017 was! I was named one of the MIPTV ambassadors out of worldwide applicants, which had me racing around to events and conducting/ participating in a lot of interviews for the exhibition. Being my first time to the event I was able to really see first hand how an event like this can really benefit not only the independent

Last month I was asked to be a part of Season 3 of Stage Mum’s, an online web-series. It was a lot of fun working with this talented group of people and joining with some of the old cast and crew from my old stomping ground, Mako Mermaids/ H20 Just Add Water. I also had the chance to work closely with the legendary Actor Gerry Connolly, who

Brooke Nichole Lee with writer and producer of Project Eden Terrence Young. 

Had a great time attending the Australian Premier of Mad Anthm’s ‘Project Eden’ in Brisbane. If you read my blog post a few weeks ago I mentioned that these guys were one to watch and I knew it from my first day on set with them

Screen Culture Australia (SCA) which is a new entrant to the business of content creation. I’m an actor and assistant producer with SCA and our goal is to create quality storytelling content that captivates the audience, regardless of the platform.   We’re excited to announce we’re attending MIPTV, MIPFORMATS and MIPDOCs this APRIL in Cannes! We’re so looking forward to sharing some of our own creative concepts as well as some

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