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I’m super excited to announce that I will be attending MIPCOM 2017 as an actress and producer. That means I will be selling content as well as meeting upcoming producers before they start casting for their next big show! A little bit of an unconventional way to go about finding your next job, but this industry is so competitive I am determined to have the edge.

As a producer, I will be taking a range of productions to pitch to buyers. A few documentaries, some reality TV and a big Aussie drama. I can’t wait to see what this market brings and to hear about all of the current trends in the industry in the conferences held at the exhibition. I will be posting on my social channels during so be sure to keep an eye out there, but I will also put up a post MIPCOM blog here.

MIPTV 2017 Ambassador

What an educative, eye-opening and wild experience MIPTV 2017 was! I was named one of the MIPTV ambassadors out of worldwide applicants, which had me racing around to events and conducting/ participating in a lot of interviews for the exhibition.

Being my first time to the event I was able to really see first hand how an event like this can really benefit not only the independent producers/ writers/ creators but also the well-established ones. By bringing the two together it really opens up the possibilities and opportunities to create innovative ideas!

For me as an actress, I was able to really expand my network to producers and broadcasters in the development stage of their productions. I was also able to learn more about how content and bought and sold.

Project Eden Australian Premier!

Brooke Nichole Lee with writer and producer of Project Eden Terrence Young. 

Had a great time attending the Australian Premier of Mad Anthm’s ‘Project Eden’ in Brisbane. If you read my blog post a few weeks ago I mentioned that these guys were one to watch and I knew it from my first day on set with them for Magica!

It was incredible to see local talent source the contacts to film overseas with international talent for an original story. Looking forward to VOL2! Congratulations to Ashlee Jensen, Terrence Young and everyone else involved!

Brooke Nichole Lee with one of the Lead Actors Mike Dopud


Screen Culture Australia (SCA) which is a new entrant to the business of content creation. I’m an actor and assistant producer with SCA and our goal is to create quality storytelling content that captivates the audience, regardless of the platform.  

We’re excited to announce we’re attending MIPTV, MIPFORMATS and MIPDOCs this APRIL in Cannes! We’re so looking forward to sharing some of our own creative concepts as well as some exciting collaborations at this leading industry event.

Follow my colleague Wade Boyes and I on our social media platforms and on my blog as we prepare for our journey! We will be posting updates, relevant MIPTV industry news and well as how we are preparing for almost 30 hours of travel!

We hope to see you there, until then, watch this space for updates and keep telling stories.

AACTA Awards

I am thrilled to have attended the 6th annual AACTA awards this year to support Australians in film! Incredible productions nominated this year and the performances during the night were also breathtaking!

This year I was dressed in a full-length mermaid inspired electric blue, off the shoulder gown by Jadore Evening. The spectacular jewelry is supplied by Dracakis. Earrings are called Hearts on Fire (they are known for the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds) which are 18ct white gold 9.00cts. The pendant is an 18ct white gold with 163 diamonds = 2.22cts.

Givenchy Jadore evening dracakis sweaty betty PR bronzing on mcleay

Brooke Nichole Lee at AACTA Awards

Stenmark Life Givenchy dracakis

Brooke Nichole Lee at AACTA with Stenmark Twins



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